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Olfa® 45-C Rotary Maru-Cutter 45mm

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Cat no: 45-C

The OLFA 45-C Rolling Scissors feature a rotary blade and a flat bottom for controlled cutting without damaging the surface underneath. The blades can also be quickly and easily replaced at the end of their life. The handle is smooth and lightweight, making using this cutter comfortable and easy. (45-C)

Good For:  The unique design makes the 45-C ideal for cutting things like poly resin sheets, roofing felt, foundation membranes, landscaping mesh, vinyl, carpet and linoleum. Applications where someone needs to protect the product or materials underneath, this cutter is designed so that the blade doesn't come in contact with product/materials therefore preventing damage. Furniture manufacturers and electronics manufacturers like this product as when cutting shrink-wrap off pallets, their products don't get damaged.

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  • The Olfa Maru-Cutter 45C is a professional safe slider, suitable for carpet & linoleum.
  • The 45C hanging pad is made of hardened plastic and has round corners and an ergonomic handle.
  • In addition to carpet and linoleum, also for cardboard, artificial turf, paper, leather and more.
  • The Olfa rotary blade is easy to replace.
Olfa® 45-C Linoleum cutter
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